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Der Georg Leyrer hat ein 20-Jahre-Wired-Video getwittert. Au ja.

Hätt ich die Zeit, würd ich hier jetzt eine kleine Wired-Liebeserklärung hinkritzeln (vielleicht inklusive meinem persönlichen Thomas-Knüwer-Anekdoterl), aber Zeit ist nicht. Und ehrlich gesagt: Nötig ist’s auch nicht. Weil alles, was da drin stehen würde, sagt Jason Tanz am Ende des Videos. Here we go:

„They would think of the craziest cover line they could come up with and work to see how close they can get to it, how close reality could come to their fantasies. (…)

And more to the point: Just that idea of optimism towards the future, that’s something that’s very deeply engraved in WIRED’s history. Yes, there’s gonna be a lot of change. Yes, there’s gonna be a lot of upheavel – but the future is something to welcome. It’s something that you can participate in. It’s something that’s going to be better than yesterday.

You know, we are involved in a lot of experimentation right now about how to tell stories and what journalism is going to look like in the next 20 years. And we’re going to be meeting that charge as opposed to just sort of reacting to it.“


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